Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Reading at Home

Choose a quiet time with no distractions.
Encourage a discussion about the illustrations on the cover of the book. "What do you think the story is about?"
Give your child an opportunity to look at the pictures before reading. This will help your child to read words that they are unfamilar with.  
If your child mispronounces a word do not interrupt immediately. Instead allow opportunity for self-correction. Sometimes it is better to tell your child some unknown words to maintain the flow, rather than insisting they work them all out themselves.
If your child uses the wrong word when reading eg. "cat" instead of "car" ask them to re-read the sentence with you. Point to words as you say them.  
When you have read the book encourage a discussion about the characters, plot, pictures and their favourite part. You will then be able to see how well they have understood the story and you will help them to develop good comprehension skills.
Boost your child's confidence with constant praise for even the smallest achievement!
Remember 'Nothing succeeds like success'.  Choose easier books until your child has built up their confidence when reading.
Reading to your child is another fabulous way to build confidence and a love for books.
Reading at home should be a productive and enjoyable experience.

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