Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Today we went to learn about St John's ambulance.  Sophia and Maihora got to dress up as ambulance officers they were lucky.  The St John's person has the same name as me.  Her name was Olivia!!!!!  At the end we all got some apples and a activity book.  I love today!
By Olivia

Certificate Children

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Certificate Children

Strong Balloons

Room 3 wanted to see how strong air is.  Mrs Lord blew up four balloons and put them under the four corners of a table.  Some people thought they would pop when we put the table on them.  We then carefully stood on the table one person at a time to see how many people we could get on the table before they popped.  Each time someone new stood on the table we would block our ears and wait for the pop.  We got 11 people on the table and the balloons still would not pop and we couldn't fit anyone else on the table!!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Beau's Brilliant Blogging

my name is beau and my friends name is rishab and we’re from room 3 
our teachers name is Mrs lord she is cool  my friends are the 
wonderful joseph  an heres our student of the week max he’s
very wonderful and responsible and my final friend is
Nicholas he is very smart and nice.  I play rugby I play for Waitakere I scored 4 tries.   My class is
awesome and funny and smart and cool and 
i like it my class 
by beau and rishab.